2 ways to create Hashtags

  1. From the Settings menu there is a Hashtag Management menu option that allows you to create, edit and delete hashtags:

2. (coming soon) From the Tag form you will be able to create new hashtags in addition to tagging notes with existing hashtags:

Using Hashtags

After meeting many times with customers, prospects and stakeholders you will accumulate many notes. Aloe is optimized to help you read your notes for each interaction in reverse chronological orders using the assistant:

After clicking on the Notes button you'll see a continuous scroll of all 3 notes:

The Summary section includes the hashtag and the text that was entered after the hashtag in one of the notes. This powerful capability helps you highlight the most relevant information across all your notes, before scrolling through the details.

Searching for Notes with one ore more Hashtags

On the Search command line enter # followed by the hashtags you want to search on. Aloe will autocomplete the hashtag names:

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