3 Ways to Take Audio Notes

  1. Connect your Aloe Account to Zoom and Cisco Webex Meetings (GoToMeeting coming soon)
  2. Make calls from Aloe using the Dialer
  3. Record audio using any app, then upload the Audio to Aloe

Details about Audio and Transcriptions

After an audio file is uploaded to Aloe, we use Ai to transcribe it from speech to text. It takes lot of computing power and time to do this, and the length of time varies based on the length of the audio.

Audio has it's own section in Aloe Notes:

Transcripts be edited, and Aloe will also keep a copy of the original transcript for you too:

Aloe now supports Action Items. Action Items provide a way for you to highlight important points and next steps. This is helpful when distributing meeting minutes to your colleagues and customers:

Audio and transcription segments can be transformed into Action Items:

People can be assigned to Speakers in transcripts

Audio can be played inside the Aloe app:

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