New Look Note Editor

  • New back button to provide more space to take notes
  • The feature buttons take up less space and are easier to access

Assistant is now called Search

Nothing has changed except for the menu name and we're using a 3 vertical line icon to toggle the menu between the small and large version:


We're also standardizing on the term Hashtags (previously called Tags) as the additional way you can categorize and search for notes. For example, you may have hashtags called: #sales. #personal and #product 

you can learn more about Hashtags and how to use them here:

Connect is now called Tag

We call it Tag now because more people understand that tagging means to label something (in this case an Aloe Note) so that it can easily be found later. Nothing has changed except for the name and the icon:

The Tag form works the same as before (when it was called Connect):

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