1. To get started with Aloe, create a free account here: https://app.aloe.ai/auth/signup
  2. Aloe.ai integrates with all HubSpot CRM accounts. HubSpot is one of the best CRM services on the market and there is a free edition. In HubSpot's words: "Why Pay for a CRM When This One Is Free? HubSpot CRM is everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers. Yes, it's 100% free, forever."
  3. In Aloe, navigate to Settings and scroll down until you see the HubSpot logo. Click on it an authenticate with your HubSpot Account.  Once you connect Aloe to your HubSpot CRM account, it can take many hours for Aloe to sync HubSpot data to your Aloe account. Aloe syncs Companies, Contacts, and Deals from HubSpot. Once syncing is complete there will be a green connection labeled Connection Healthy in the Settings menu, like this:

4.  Once the integration with HubSpot is healthy, you can:
(a) Send notes to HubSpot as a Note
(b) add new Contacts to HubSpot via Aloe Search
(c) When editing an Aloe Note or from the Notes menu, click on the Tag icon:

This is where you connect Aloe Notes to People in the CRM. Aloe will auto-complete against all Contacts in HubSpot. Doing that will trigger the sending of Notes from Aloe to a HubSpot Activity item.

5. When you select people who are in HubSpot a blue outline will appear around their name.

6. Once you connect a Note to at least one person in the CRM, the Deals field will appear:

Aloe will also automatically connect the note to the HubSpot Deal if there is only one open Deal for the Account. If there is more than one open Deal, you must specify the Deal (or Deals) in the Deals field. If you do not specify an Deal in Aloe, and there are multiple open Deals in HubSpot, then Aloe will not sync to a Deal.

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