• If you share a CRM with other Aloe users, all notes that are shared in the CRM will automatically be shared in Aloe.
  • You can share individual notes with other Aloe users
  • If you share notes with non-Aloe users they will be able to view the Note securely without being an Aloe user
  • If you attend meeting with other Aloe users who are also using Aloe to take notes and sharing them, you will be able to see everyone's notes in the View tab for that calendar event

Sharing Notes

Sharing a note is initiated with the Share button in the View tab:

Specifying who you want to share the note with:

The Shared menu will show you all the notes that have been shared with you by other Aloe users:

When you use the Assistant to review notes, you will have the option to view All Notes or just the notes that you created:

This is what the View tab will look like when other meeting attendees share notes for the same meeting. It provides a way for you to see your notes, along with everyone else's notes for the meeting:

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