Aloe users in financial services, professional services, real estate, and other markets with high transaction values or high lifetime values love Aloe because it helps them remember everything important about their accounts and customers.

Relationship-oriented professionals should connect their Aloe account to their calendars. We explain this in detail here:

Whether it's photos, documents, handwritten notes, audio recordings of meetings, or typing key facts Aloe is designed to help you document each interaction. Then, when you meet with the person or other representatives from the company, all of that content is instantly retrievable using the Aloe Assistant.

And if you use or the free Hubspot CRM, Aloe can sync your multi-media Aloe Notes to the CRM:

Aloe lets you easily document each interaction using text messaging, email, phone-in dictation, and the Aloe App, then Aloe aggregates all the notes for each person and company so that you can continuously scroll through the interactions during meeting preparation.

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