will only work with Enterprise or greater accounts since Salesforce does not allow API integration for less expensive editions of their service.

Once you connect Aloe to your account, which you do in Settings, it can take many hours for Aloe to sync data from Salesforce to your Aloe account. Aloe syncs Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. Once syncing is complete there will be a green connection labeled Connection Healthy in the Settings menu. 

Once connected Aloe can: a) sync notes to Salesforce as a closed Task, b) add new Leads to Salesforce via the Aloe Assistant

Since is an authorized Salesforce Partner,  you can install a component in your account that will let your colleagues, who don't use Aloe, view your multimedia notes. This article explains our Salesforce managed package in more detail:

When you click on Notes from the menu in Aloe it lists your notes. Adjacent to each item and within each note the Share button is used to control how the note will be shared: 

Aloe can only share notes with the CRM for People who are in the CRM. If there is a blue outline around the persons name that you Tag, then Aloe can share a note to the CRM for that person.

If you do not want to share a note with Salesforce click on the Do Not Share checkbox:

Tagging Notes with People is how Aloe syncs notes to Salesforce Tasks. When you select people who are in the CRM a green outline will appear around their name and the note will sync to a closed task in Salesforce.

The syncing for Salesforce Leads is straightforward. If a person is a lead, the task that Aloe creates will be related to that lead.

For Salesforce Accounts, Aloe will create a Task for the Account and for each Person related to the Account that you specify in Aloe.

Aloe will also sync to the Salesforce Opportunity if there is only one open Opportunity for the Account. If there is more than one open Opportunity, you must specify the Opportunity (or opportunities) in Connections for the Aloe Note. If you do not specify an Opportunity in Aloe, and there are multiple open Opportunities in Salesforce, then Aloe will not sync to an Opportunity.

In the Aloe Search screen, Aloe will tell you what it did. In this example, Aloe sent a note to the CRM:

This is what happens, after you enable "Do Not Share" for that same Note:

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