Texting, emailing, recording and dictating notes with Aloe is easy. Send a text message to +1-346-444-1200,  send an email to cc@aloe.ai, or call +1-346-444-1200 and an Aloe Note will be created.

Aloe is smart, plus you can control what happens when the Note is created as follows:

  1. If you text, email or call during a scheduled meeting (assuming your Aloe account is connected to your calendar(s) in Settings), Aloe will automatically relate the note to the people and companies from the invitees in the calendar event.
  2. Conference Aloe in to your next call or conference call and Aloe will provide you with a recording and transcription of the call. Additionally, if your calendar is connected Aloe, it will automatically connect the note to the invitees and the event.
  3. When you text, email, or call Aloe during a scheduled meeting, Aloe will automatically aggregate all the content you send it during the meeting in one note.
  4. If you use a "+" before your message (e.g. "+ tell your friends about Aloe.ai"), Aloe will append that message to the previous message. This is very useful when you have a stream of consciousness of ideas, or are creating a list of items by repetitively messaging Aloe. Using the "+" aggregate the messages you send in a single Note.
  5. If you use a "-" before your message (e.g. "- tell your friends about Aloe.ai"), Aloe will always create a new note and not relate the note to a calendar event if there is one in progress or 15 minutes following Aloe's texting notification. This is useful when you are in a meeting or just after a meeting and want Aloe to remember something that is not related to the meeting that you are in.
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