We know it is unusual for a service to require a mobile phone, email, and password. This is why:

  • Since data privacy and security is paramount, each Aloe account requires two-step verification to login. You enter your email address and password, then Aloe texts you a code to complete the login process.
  • Aloe supports taking notes via text messaging and dictatation. In both cases, Aloe needs your mobile phone number to identify who the message or dictation is coming from

This is a walk-through of the sign-up process (if you make a mistake, just start again at any time from Step 1):

  1. Send a text message to Aloe +1 (346) 444-1200 with the message "Sign Up"
  2. Aloe will then ask for your: email address, name, and a password separately
  3. You will need to confirm your email account by clicking on the link that Aloe sends in the confirmation email
  4. Once you confirm your email account, you can start using Aloe

You can starting texting, emailing and calling Aloe with everything important right away. If you want maximize Aloe's organizational skills, you will need to connect Aloe to a source of events (your calendar), and sources of people you interact with (contacts, email or CRM). To do that:

  1. Navigate to the Aloe app: https://app.aloe.ai
  2. Login using your Email and Password
  3. Aloe will text you a verification code to complete the login
  4. In Settings you can connect your Aloe account to Calendars, Contacts, Email and CRM

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